Looking to save MONEY?

You can purchase both the meal and workout plan for only $30 upfront and then a $15 monthly fee to keep going.

Like the old saying goes, Abs Are Made In The Kitchen Not The Gym Alone. 

HIT your fitness life with the 1 - 2 punch of Chapo's Workout and Meal plan! 

Leon Fitness believes in you, and your innate ability to conquere your toughest challenges. If you give your 100%, You will see the results you desire.

Here’s What you Get //


Workouts Per Week // 5, 60 min. workouts

Duration // Monthly Subscription

Fitness Level // Any Level

Equipment Needed // Full Gym

You read that right. You’ll hit your biggest upper-body muscles three times a week, pulling from all the angles—including pulling a barbell off the floor!

+ PLUS +

What My Clients Say...

I’ve been in a slump with gym motivation for a couple weeks. I got inspired by you on one of your motivational stream speeches. Got me going, and reentered the glorious house of gains. Back to the grind. Thank you!


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